Emu - EMU toddler boots

EMU toddler boots

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There’s so many options to choose from in our EMU Australia range for kids. Add a trendy edge with perforated suede, or cute animal faces or printed styles that the kids are sure to love. Some styles also have a bit of bling, with glitter and sparkle details, or a touch of boho with tassels. Cute soft suede moccasin styles with laces are a classic and comfortable style the kids can wear for all occasions, both indoors and outdoors.

Whichever style you choose for the little one in your life, you can be sure they’re only wearing the best quality materials on their small feet. Our 100% Australian merino wool is super warm and comfortable, and our gum rubber soles are hard but flexible, meaning they can keep up with the patter of small feet running around. Our gum rubber soles also have a wave design for added traction and grip, essential when the kids are running around using all their energy, and we use double stitching for added durability. Many of our children’s sheepskin boots are also Woolmark accredited, so you can be confident the kids only have the best.

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